Halo Reach Around The Corner?

New footage and screenshots of Halo Reach have hit our beloved internet this morning leading us to believe that the Reach beta may be here sooner than later. This is leaked information, so watch it before it gets taken down by the Microsoft jackals.

While we don’t get a lot of information from the video, it does reveal something interesting called Murder Mode. The screen states, “Use the Murder Mode to kill an enemy without being spotted.” The picture shows that you are to press right on the d-pad to activate Murder Mode, so we can probably assume it’s some type of visor setting kind of like the one in ODST.

In addition to the video, EB Games leaked some screenshots onto their website then quickly pulled them.

I’m ready for the Reach beta to hit just because I want my ODST disc to do something besides gather dust. Also, I’m just ready to see what Bungie has in store for us this time. New weapons? New vehicles? New equipment? Murder Mode? Bring it!

Sources: Co-Optimus and AllGamesBeta

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