Luigi’s Mansion Sequel In The Works?

Some of the Nintendo fans amongst you may remember Luigi’s Mansion, the incredible and some what under rated Game Cube game, where you ran around a haunted mansion as Luigi whilst using a vacuum cleaner to suck up ghosts.

Well, Nintendo has trademarked the name once more and of course speculation of a sequel is already floating around the internet at a speed the human eye can’t keep up with, as much as I would love a sequel to be announced, and as much as it would push me that little bit more I need pushing to re-buy a Wii, I’m not getting my hopes up as its more than likely a ‘New Play Control’ title as they did with Pikmin, or perhaps this means nothing, after all the name was already used for the original Game Cube game back in 2001.

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  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    this is actually one of the few games I’ve completed and would really look forward to a sequel