P*N Looking For New Writers

Have you every wondered what it takes to write for a gaming website that has an awesome community and lot of talented staff?  Well let me tell you, if you have the passion to play and write about video games, you have what it takes.  So how do you get started you may be asking yourself?  It is as easy as submitting a writing sample to [email protected] and telling us a little bit about yourself and why you want to become part of Platform Nation’s talented staff.  We do not offer pay for your writing but you do have some perks if you are chosen to join us, such as attending some of the Nation’s largest gaming events such as PAX East and E3 and getting review copies of games on all platforms for review purposes.  We are Platform Nation and as our name describes we cover all platforms from the Nintendo Wii to the iPhone and every thing in between.  So if you every thought about taking the plunge and having your writing on the web for everyone to see here’s your chance.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Livin in a box

    Well, I’ve submitted a review to you (I saw you on Gameleon too!) so I hope you like it!

  • BossKamikaze

    Would so love to join but I don’t how to write reviews or even start one 🙁

  • @BossKamikaze, you can also write editorials, breaking news and the like you are not tied to reviews.
    Submit a writing sample and lets go from there. Hope to hear from you!

  • BossKamikaze

    @WCC5723 Thats great I’m not that good at reviews but editorials and breaking news would be ok will work on submitting my writing sample later

  • Just an FYI for everyone, writing for this website is awesome! Steve and Scott are fantastic! 🙂 They are always around to help!

  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    I’ll echo Sarah’s comment. Great team spirit

  • Ross Campo

    Well I sent an email to come back to Steve a while ago. Am still awaiting my response

  • I missed out on sending something last time, but I should be able to get something sent soon.


    Is this only open to those that live over yonder or can I give a writing sample being from the UK

  • We welcome writers from all over! We have a few writers on staff from the UK

  • I just want to say that writing for this website has been an awesome experience to be a part of such a great community. Even if you’re nervous about submitting a sample, I challenge you to give it a shot because you never know what could happen. These guys give amazing opportunities to the people they choose to write for the site. I never thought I’d get the chance to be this involved in the gaming community while I was still in college, but here I am, writing for a video game website and maybe even going to E3 this year! Even if you’re just a little interested, go ahead and submit a sample, you really have nothing to lose. Thanks Steve and Scott!