Rock Band Network

If rocking out in your living room with a plastic guitar has give you enough confidence to the point where you are convinced that you are God’s gift to rock music then you’ll be pleased to hear that Rock Band Network has now entered open beta.

Platform Nation’s Gemini Ace first reported this back in July 2009 when the news first broke that we’d all be able to create and upload songs to the network. What this actually means is that you can now upload your songs to the new service.  If the song is good enough it will eventually appear on the RockBand Store and be available for purchase.

More details can be found on the official Rock Band Network Creators web page.

Even if you do not want to share your music with the rest of the world you have the option to become a reviewer.

This all comes with the annual subscription fee of $99 and you will also need to have an Xbox Live! gold membership.  For the majority of gamers who only occasionally play Rock Band, this fee will seem excessive but if you seriously consider yourself as the next best things then this fee is tiny in comparison to equivalent services currently available elsewhere.

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