A New “Tester” Is Coming… Soon

It’s coming… Are you ready?

Sony has decided to enter the genre of “reality tv” and they will be releasing their own episodic content known as “The Tester

Eleven gamers will compete for the opportunity to work for Sony Computer Entertainment as a Video Game Tester. Not only will they get the opportunity to try out all the cool PlayStation-family games before we can even WRITE about them, there’s a $5,000 signing bonus.

This show seems to have a very similar setup to “The Apprentice” or “I Want To Work For Diddy.” Each week the future testers will be given a task testing either their mental or physical endurance. They will also stand before a panel of some of the best in the industry (well, Sony’s industry). Back in September, Sony had open casting calls for the show where they looked for the best and brightest across the nation for a shot of fame, and early access to games. Today, Sony has released a picture of the final cast members, here they are:

Final Cast for "The Tester"

The show will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Network. There is a trailer coming soon to the PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Home. Does Sony have what it takes to capture the attention of their gamers? Will it be in 3D??? Stay tuned for trailer impressions.

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  • Ehhhhhhhhh, if someone gets punched in the face or an explosion occurs (not in a game) then i’ll definitely watch it.