Heavy Rain DLC Details (Play as the Origami Killer?) and Demo Date Announced.

Once again, all the Heavy Rain info just bleeds out in one giant drip. A bit like a thunderstorm really… and all week we’ve been having… Heavy Rain (ba-dum-tish). Anyways, lets get down to business. All of this news comes courtesy at the guys at Kotaku. We love you guys, and your lateness on intricate subjects but earliness on everything else.

Speaking with French site gameblog, Heavy Rain creator David Cage has revealed just what you’ll be getting up to as part of the game’s downloadable “Chronicles” episodes.

Running for around an hour in total, oneof them will see you playing the part of the Origami Killer, a key character from the main game. Another will put you in the shoes of FBI agent Norman Jayden in a prequel tale, while a third will focus on photographer Madison Paige.

Note, these aren’t all the episodes that will comprise the game’s DLC; just some of them.

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Sounds very interesting, I think this game could be great for DLC. Since all the Chronicles apparently run for an hour or more, and if they are rightly priced, Quantic could have a hit on their hands.

Now for the big announcement.

“Heavy Rain demo should be on the store on the 11th of Feb :).”

Source: via Kotaku

Given the trend in demos, this demo could arrive a week earlier on the US store. Which has me pretty much like a headless chicken running around the room, since this is less than two weeks away.

I will be posting an impressions on the demo and keep you informed with Heavy Rain news and updates.

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