Mass Effect Launch Trailer Released

Bio Ware has released to the public its definitive “launch” trailer for Mass Effect 2.  For those of you keeping up with the steady stream of vids, info, and the general mist of coolness that the Mass Effect team has been feeding us for the past few weeks- you might find this hard to believe. This trailer out does everything we have seen as of yet, including “The Dirty Dozen” cinematic trailer released not long ago(produced by Blur).
Now I have avoided several videos simply out of a personal loathing of spoilers, but BioWare made it clear little has been spoiled, though I am going to warn those hardcore Mass Effect fans who wish to go into the 26th of Jan. clean you might want to consider not watching this video.  If the E3 “Sizzle” trailer revealed to much for you then I advise you don’t watch this one, everyone else….. here it is.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the 26th of January,  and this trailer just made me all that much more impatient!
For fans of story telling in games, and science fiction fans as well this is going to be a great moment in gaming history.
Stay tuned to for more info on Mass Effect 2 leading up to and after its much anticipated launch.

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  • Thanks for picking up my slack, JHill.
    Trailer looks excellent. Can’t wait! Only 5 more days, ppl!

  • Amber

    Wow that trailer really made me want to finish the first game tonight and get realdy for this one it looks way more intense!!