Some Other Castle, Episode 41: The Legend of BillyTimmy

We’re baaaaaaaaack!  Did you miss us?  We missed you!  We’re back with a vengeance this week as we catch up with all the Persona that’s been played since last time.  And other stuff too, just…. well, you know, Persona.  Also, boobs.  If you’ve sent us listener mail recently, tune in for the epic amount that we answer in our third segment!


Persona 4


Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

Persona 3 Portable releasing 7/6 in US; we prepare our poopsocks

Bioware says Mass Effect trilogy will not spell end of franchise

Splinter Cell: Conviction delayed until next fiscal year (April) “for more polish”

Majesco reports 6.6 million dollar loss for 2009; plans two Cooking Mama extensions for 2010

December NPDs

Netflix coming to Wii this year; Reggie says Wii users don’t care about HD streaming

NPD says only 10% of games are purchased digitally

Rockstar spouse alleges long hours, bad work environment

Bioware says Mass Effect 2 Day 1 DLC will be free

Crackdown 2 demo before launch

Listener mail makes us smile big happy smiles!  Send us more at [email protected] and an angel will get its wings, or something.

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