Namco Bandai Layoffs

There have been rumors over the past several months now on that Namco Bandai could no longer support their large staff with their poor sales and delays dating back to even 2008. And earlier today it was confirmed that Namco Bandai will be experiencing layoffs at the end of January, this will be affecting both Namco Bandai Games America and, potentially the Tokyo side as well. It was said that the layoffs were because of both their excessive over-budgeting with Bottlerocket Games on the title Splatterhouse, which is now an in-house Namco Banadai game and other factors that pointed to poor sales on both Afro Samurai, which sold under 500k units, and Tekken 6, that performed poorly when compared to is past predecessors. The company released a statement about the layoffs say that: “They’re currently re-organizing the remaining staff to push production on Splatterhouse.” The problem is that current predictions aren’t looking good for the game and future layoffs could be possible. We here at hope everything turns out fine, because we’d hate to hear another great developing team like Namco Bandai banner. We’ll keep you posted.

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