PAX East Almost Sold Out

Still haven’t decided if you are going to attend PAX East?  Well I suggest if you plan on going you register right now, not later, not tomorrow, right now!  Why the rush you may be asking yourself well it looks like PAX East is going to sell out and no badges will be available at the door.

01-20-10  Only the facts.

FACT. We will sell out of badges for PAX East Coast 2010.If you want to go to the show, now is the time to register. Much like PAX Prime, based on what we’re seeing on pre-registration numbers there will be NO BADGES AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR. I don’t like to use all caps, but I felt me being rude for a minute there was worth trying to avoid some very angry people at the door in March.

This is no surprise to some, but if have been putting off registering for the first PAX East event wait no longer.  I for one registered the first day registration opened up, just in case.  Hope to see you there!

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