Possible ESPN And Disney On Your Xbox 360

In an article from The New York Times titled: Xbox Takes On Cable, Streaming TV Shows and Movies where Xbox LIVE’s General Manager Marc Whitten talked about how Microsoft may have some plans with ESPN and Disney including Microsoft’s intentions of bringing a paid sports service to Xbox Live. Whitten describes the service stating: “It would match that of the appropriately named ESPN 360, the company’s own on-demand online broadcasting channel, giving US viewers another reason to use their Xbox for non-gaming activities after Netflix has proven so popular.” Meaning ESPN and Disney could be streaming content live to the console on a subscription basis, just like Netflix.

There has been no official word yet if ESPN and Disney will actually be on the Xbox 360. But this could mean that Microsoft could well be looking for another unique hook to draw the casual gaming audience into buying the Xbox 360, now that Netflix became available on PlayStation 3 and soon to be on the Wii.

Mike McGuire A Vice President for the research firm Gartner, referred was also included in the article and added that: “For both of the big guys, it’s about extending the value of the hardware platform, the devices are hooked to TVs and have broadband connections, and there are more and more opportunities to license movies and TV shows and deliver them in over-the-top models.” Mike was reffering to SONY and Microsoft.

I think that adding ESPN and Disney content to the Xbox’s already awesome library of video content is a great idea, I know a lot of people how let their kids and watch Netflix while they get a break from the kids, and people who constantly check score, and watch a lot of picture and picture when the games on, but why would anyone pay extra for the service, especially if you already have cable and Netflix? Also I think the only way for this to work would be to include ESPN Radio, that you can listen to while you play games. But that’s just me. anyways once more information becomes available, don’t worry the staff at will keep you updated.

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