Community Intelligence

The idea of the segment will be to give you the community a chance to have a voice on our show, but in a far more interesting way than just listener mail. The plan is to dedicate the last few minutes of certain shows covering a topic that we set out for you. This will normally have some correlation with what we will be discussing on the following week’s show.

There is one simple rule: –
Keep your answers short as long essays are hard to do justice to.

Now how is this going to work? Well, we give you four options: –

• The first is you can leave a voicemail via Skype, name Digitalcowboys
• Leave a comment on our website at
• Send us an email on [email protected]
• Or lastly, leave a post under the dedicated forum thread

So it’s time to set out the topic for you for next week’s show. We will be covering RPGs and the question that I pose to you thus: –

Why has there not been a Final Fantasy 7 remake yet? And if there was, what changes would have to be made to its formula, to fit within the modern day standards?

So there we go you’ve got your assignment for the week and we look forward to hearing your comments and this is open to any followers of the Digital Cowboys, so podcasters, PR Persons but most importantly, the general community.

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