Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: 2009

Thanks to Juan Houter for making the banner!

I’ve been writing for Platform Nation for well over a year now, and this little column has kept me going. We’ve had some terribly written pieces, but I’m proud of each of them. Each of the games I have reviewed all represent a special place in my heart, either as an example of how not to do a video game or an example of how to do a videogame. All throughout 2009 I focused on rather negative opinions of games, but these were really down to poor choices of games. I did all of this deliberate, so that this year we will have some great titles. I can remind you of those little games that caught your eye, but you never touched. All the while, I am open to suggestions and I don’t see why I shouldn’t ignore the chance to subject everyone to a beloved title of anyone else.

I look forward to writing this column throughout the whole of 2010, and who knows, it might just get us places. I’ll write this up again next year, for 2010 obviously, and maybe even start re-inventing the format (again).


Call of Duty 3 –

Red Faction –


Events Special: E3 –

Far Cry 2 –

Army of Two –

Assassin’s Creed –

Lost Planet –

Crackdown –


Mirror’s Edge –

Mercenaries 2 –

Dead Space –

Star Wars Republic Commando –

Warhawk –

Resistance Double-whammy –


Just Cause –

Resistance Retribution (PSP) –

Facebreaker –

Stuntman Ignition –

Batweek 2009

Batman Begins –

LEGO Batman –


Kane and Lynch –

Haze –

Fracture –

50 Cent Blood on the Sand –

The Darkness –

Eye of Judgement –

Motorstorm Double whammy –

The Simpsons Game –


Saints Row 2 –

Uncharted Drakes Fortune –

Overlord Double-whammy –

Grand Theft Auto IV –

Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer –

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned –

Alone in the Dark –

Alien Hominid –

F.E.A.R –


Prototype and Infamous Double-whammy –


Christmas Special –

In the next Games That Nobody Plays Anymore, we’ll be looking at Mass Effect Galaxy! Stay tuned this week!

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