Just Cause 2 Free DLC with Pre-Order

Square Enix recently released the latest trailer for the upcoming Just Cause 2. This time around, they’re waving the Free DLC Flag. The DLC’s content is listed below, and you can see it all in action by watching the trailer at the bottom. Enjoy.

·        Agency Hovercraft

The ultimate in amphibious transport, the Agency Hovercraft is the most flexible form of transport in the game. Equipped with a turret-mounted grenade launcher, you’re guaranteed to blow your opposition out of the water

·        Rico’s Signature Gun

Customised by the Agency and adapted for Rico’s shooting style, this deadly accurate and powerful pistol has precision, power and flair

·        Bull’s Eye Assault Rifle

More powerful than the standard assault rifle, this lightweight and lethal automatic rifle features increased accuracy and a higher magnification scope

·        Chevalier Classic

No agent should be without a hot set of wheels and with an increased top speed and superior handling, you can arrive at your destination in style or make a guaranteed quick getaway

·        Chaos Parachute

Featuring a skull motif, make an entrance no one will forget … should you leave anyone alive to remember

just cause 2

Maybe I’m alone here, but the idea of releasing DLC day and date with the game it applies to… I understand it’s business, but come on, at least make it look like the DLC was something developed as an afterthought. If you can release it on the same day as the game, why isn’t it on the game disc?

Well, it definitely looks like a blast (no pun intended), and at least this one’s free–if you pre-order it.

Just Cause 2 is available 03.26.2010.

Information comes via G4TV

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