Lost Planet 2 & Super Street Fighter IV Dated

Capcom has announced dates for both Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV on their Twitter feed.

Super Street Fighter IV will try and improve upon what is arguably the best fighting game on this generations consoles by rebalancing and adding new characters. It will release in Europe on April 30th and in North America on the 27th of April. New characters announced include some old favorites e.g. T.Hawk and Cody as well as some brand new faces e.g. Juri.  Online matching is also meant to be improved but the feature I am happiest about is the return of the car bashing level.

Lost Planet 2 will hit both Europe and North America on the 18th May. This time round you’ll be able to team up with 3 friends for some 4 player co-op as you battle huge enemies in true Capcom tradition.

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