COG Discovers a Lost Planet

Note: this is a follow-up to Scott diMonda’s Lost Planet 2 Meets Gears of War.

We recently told you that Marcus and Dom–from the immensely popular Gears of War games–will be appearing in the upcoming Lost Planet 2. Cliff Bleszinski, designer of Gears of War, explains how such an Epic (you see what I did there?) crossover came to be.

“They [Capcom] contacted us about the cameo and we said ‘heck yeah.'”

Cliff went on to say:

“We’re mutual fans of each others’ work and crossovers are darned cool so we sent over the Marcus and Dom models for implementation.”

One additional note: although they’re using Epic’s original Marcus and Dom character models, Capcom–more or less–has the final say when it comes to controlling the destructive duo, so don’t expect the new LP to handle like Gears.

Look for Lost Planet 2–along with Marcus and Dom–in stores, on May 18th.

Information comes via Kotaku.

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