Reduced Features In BioShock

The hype machine for BioShock 2 is in full swing and we’ll be hearing more and more each day until its release in the next couple of weeks.

Irrational games yesterday posted a feature on their insider page giving details of some of the features that didn’t make the final cut for BioShock.

  • BioShock’s atmospheric pressure system
  • Biomechanical emphasis in BioShock
  • BioShock’s insect-based ecology
  • BioShock’s navigation robot

It gives an insight to how things could have been different with the original game.

The atmospheric pressure system would have required the player to use machines in each area to change the pressure between low, medium or high. The chosen pressure would then have affected enemies behavior and effectiveness of weaponry.  In the end it was cut as players may not have known how different level of pressure would have affected bullets or even interpreted audio changes due to the pressure change.

The biomechanical emphasis was dialed back in the final version. The plan originally was to slowly reveal to the player that what appeared to be a machine was actually a mutated human.

Insect ecology appears to have been a fundamental feature that was changed almost completely. Instead of the actual mutated human interactions and the frequent chattering that was present in BioShock, the creative team initially thought about very little speech and interactions based heavily on the insect kingdom.

Nav-bot was a robot that the player could call upon to help with navigation around Rapture. The article lists a few reasons that prevented this replacing the map which made it into the final game, one of them being that the player would spend too much time looking down at the floor looking at the Nav-Bot.

For the full list and more detailed explanations behind the decisions for cutting these feature,  jump over to the Insider article.  Before you do, why not leave a comment below on whether you think the right decisions were made in dropping these features or if you think we may see versions of them in the soon to be released BioShock 2.

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