Digital Cowboys: Episode 141

DC 141

Why Don’t Square Remake Final Fantasy VII?

Having just completed FFXII, restarted VII and in anticipation of FFXIII we decided to pose the question to our community as to why Square Enix don’t cash in and make a contemporary version of Final Fantasy VII, one of the most beloved JRPG’s of all time for current gen systems.

To help us tackle your responses we brought in Carolyn Sonnek of Pink Ninja productions and Snark Fu. You may also know Carolyn as Blogkitten and the better half of Commander Tim.

Carolyn lives and breathes JRPG’s. When she bumps her knee, hit points come off her. So we delve into her mind and ask why she has so much time for this most life-consuming of all gaming genre’s.We also examine our own relationship with RPG’s both Eastern and Western.

Many thanks to all the listeners who contributed. We did not have time to cram in all of your responses, but we hope we did you justice.

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