Kratos Invades 7-11

Do you ever find yourself drinking a Slurpee and thinking “what this needs is more violence”? Do you ever wonder what it would taste like if Kratos’ fury was distilled into an iced beverage? Wonder no more!

God of War Slurpee

God of War III Slurpee

The has given us a heads up on the new Slurpee cups and flavor that will be available starting February 1st. You can fill four different God of War III themed Slurpee cups with Kratos Fury, a blend of blackberries and limes that’s sure to give you one hell of a brain freeze.

Morpheus Armor

Morpheus Armor

When you buy God of War III Slurpees, you will get Slurpee Nation reward codes that can be redeemed for God of War III downloads. The rewards are a PS3 theme, Morpheus armor for Kratos, and more.

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