Avoid Heavy Rain Trophy Lists

Love trophies but hate spoilers? Then you are in a little bit of a predicament. Stay away from anything that claims to reveal the list of trophies for Heavy Rain – it could potentially ruin the experience for you. All, except four, of the trophies are story related and are hidden for a good reason. Reading the trophy list could help you decide which paths to take in the game, and although their are many different paths to take, knowing them would take the magic from the moments.

There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing that bleep sound and seeing that hard earned and well deserved trophy pop up in the corner of the screen. Okay, so maybe there are a lot of things that you find to be more rewarding, but taking the surprise out of the prize is no fun at all.

Truth be told, Heavy Rain is the sort of game that would actually do fine without trophies. It’s an interactive drama, so to speak, that’s all about emotions and response — dealing with situations as they come at you is the main aspect of the gameplay. Knowing the outcome of these situations cheapens the experience. So, I suggest you turn a blind eye to all articles that even hint at the trophy list.

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  • Thanks for the warning! I am a bit of a trophy whore, but I will absolutely avoid looking a list if it will take away from the experience. I may be a whore, but I still have standards!

    • Whores have standards?! You amuse me, Jonathan. 😉

      At any rate, I’m at the point in my gaming career that achievements and trophies mean next to nothing to me because of the lack of variety in them.

      I’m back to where I used to be: playing the games for the fun of it. And it feels great.

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