Does Mass Effect 2 Need Co-Op?

We are well and truly half way through this gaming console generation and it would be fair to assume that gamers are expecting more from developers — well, at least the press are. Ground shattering games like Killzone 2 were criticized and down-rated for lacking what is considered a gaming essential, online/splitscreen co-operative play.

That was a year ago – last decade, actually. We are already seeing a strong line-up of potentially awesome games for 2010; God of War III, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Alan Wake, Halo: Reach – the list goes on. One game that I would have included in this list (but didn’t because it’s obviously out) is Mass Effect 2. ME2 was one of those games I was dying to get my hands on, and when I finally did I was far from being disappointed – but, something struck me as strange. Something was definitely missing, something that I wasn’t expecting.

The combat system would have been ten times better if it allowed jump-in-jumpout co-op. It is the sort of game that just cries out for it. It can definitely be a little frustrating using that radial menu to order friendly AI around, and a lot more frustrating when it doesn’t work. Having a friend jump-in mid battle to help you out would make things so much easier and enjoyable.It´s a lot easier communicating with another player across Xbox Live than it is navigating that radial menu.

Co-operative and multiplayer modes are almost expected in this day and age and it is sad to see that a lot of people refuse to buy games that do not include them. Sometimes it´s meant to for it, other times, not so much – unless it is a first-person shooter.. When a game´s experience comes solely from the strong narrative and story-line I really don’t think it´s necessary to include any sort of multi-player mode.

Do I think that the lack of co-operative play takes away from the experience? Not at all! Mass Effect 2 is what it is and that´s just great. Games should be reviewed and scored for what they are and not what they could have been. Though co-operative play would have been a great addition, to an already awesome game, it would not have made it a better game.

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  • I don’t think drop in co-op would work in ME2 at all. There are a lot of problems that would come along with having it.

    Who do you drop in as? Are you your Shepard or one of the team members? Do you get experience or credits? What does the co-op player do while all the talking sequences are happening?

    Killzone 2 co-op would have been perfect because there are always team members around anyway and the entire game is shooting (there is nothing wrong with this, I enjoyed killzone 2). Mass Effect 2 just has too much that isn’t right for co-op (mining, talking to characters, exploring the galaxy in your ship, ect). I personally haven’t once thought to myself while playing that the game would be more fun with another person.

  • Jeremiah Hill

    Personally I think that the Mass Effect universe could do well with co-op. In a completely seperate game designed only for that experience. Mass Effect as we know it is a peronal experience like reading a great book, I don’t want someone to read it with me. Further-more being that we all experience ME in different ways and this is one of Bio Wares points with the game, it would just be completely wrong with co-op.

  • rob

    thats the dumbest idea ive ever heard. ME2 is a personalized rpg experience, how the fuck would co-op work? it wouldn’t. period. if it was a seperate feature, like a horde mode where people can bring in their customized shepards, now that would be different. but only if it was completely seperate from the main game. even then though, id rather keep any resources spent towards the main game instead of crippling the single player experience for the sake of some tacked on multiplayer crap.

    this is all around just a bad idea. shame on you silly billy.

  • I agree that co-op could work in the Mass Effect universe, but definitely NOT in Mass Effect 2. As others have stated, BioWare has created a single-player experience that’s tailored to each different player and there are simply too many variables that would have to be accounted for.

    Mass Effect 2 has zero need for an MP mode because it’s storyline and overall experience allow it to stand on its own.

  • Adam

    Like they said, co-op. can’t do it, not today.

  • Marco

    Personally I don’t want my ‘single-player-epic-RPGs’ ruined by a mate messing about. Co-op removes my personal pacing (which is slow). I enjoy exploring alone and then taking a game online. As I’m likely to only play ME2 once, the need for Co-op in the future is unneeded personally.

  • David Macphail

    Co – Op isn’t neccessary for any game, ESPECIALLY an RPG. RPG’s are supposed to be immersive, single – player experiences.

    I suppose some gamers might find a Co – Op option useful. However Mass Effect 2 (Or any game for that matter) certainly doesn’t NEED Co – Op to be a good game.

  • Luke

    A co-op RPG? Maybe you’re looking for an MMO? BioWare does happen to be developing one right now that should ostensibly provide this co-op RPG-requestion subset of the gamer population what they’re after.

  • Alex

    ME2 wud hav been a great if they added multi-player. You would go in as your shepard but your first name not Shepard.