First Issue Of Mass Effect iPhone Comic Free On Launch Day

Beginning February 3, the first issue of the four-part comic series Mass Effect: Redemption will be available on the iTunes App Store. To celebrate its release, Dark Horse and EA have announced the issue will be free for a limited time. How limited is the “free digital comic” window? One day only. After February 3, the digital release is bumped up to 99 cents. Of course, if you’re a Mass Effect 2 fanatic you probably own the collectors’ edition, which included a mini-version of the first issue. But, if you love moving pictures, a free digital comic is a hard thing to ignore. (via joystiq)

If you want to get your Mass Effect comic on make sure to check out the first issue of this digital comic from Dark Horse and EA on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Mass Effect: Redemption will be FREE for one day only on its release day February the 3rd. After the 3rd it will cost you 99 cents to buy the comic which still is pretty cheap, but you can get it on the 3rd for the lower price of free, so if your a Mass Effect fan be sure to check it out.

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  • $1 is a good price. The paper comic is $3-$4. I’ve pre-ordered the series already from an online comic distributor, so I don’t really need to bother with this, but I’m glad that EA and Dark Horse are catering to those that don’t collect the physical comics anymore.