GameHounds Has New Forums!

bush-cheerleader-andover-academyHey, guys.

As you know, about a year ago, we had a huge makeover, courtesy of of Tim.

And if you’ve ever done any home renovation, you know: You spend tens of thousands of dollars and months of hard work on re-doing a room, and it always seems you just never get around to putting the cover on the light switch because, well, it’s too easy to do, to easy to forget, you want the job to be over, and you just don’t get around to it.

That’s how the GameHounds Forums were. We knew they had to be done, we just didn’t ever get around to it.

Now we have. We have entirely new forums that can be found at:

Or you can go to the top of this page and hit the “forum” tab to get there.

As you can see, we’ll be migrating Tim, Hawkes, and Edie there and be bringing in the Pink Ninja community as well.

Check them out and please feel free to post there.

(Oh, and ten points for the first one who posts in the forums who that guy cheerleader in the above picture.)

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