Mass Effect 2 Deal

UPDATE:  A reader informed me that he went to take advantage of this deal and Toys R Us had signs posted on all of the register claiming that it was a misprint, the game they meant to advertise was Call of Duty.  What I am curious about now is whether stores that offer price matching (such as Walmart) would give you the deal in the ad.

While sipping coffee this morning and perusing the ads in the Sunday paper I noticed one heck of a deal at Toys R Us.  They are advertising Mass Effect 2 on sale for $44.99 plus a possible 10$ gift card with purchase.  I am not sure whether you can receive the gift card while buying at the discounted price or not but the ad sure makes it seem that way.  Also they have Army of Two 40th day on sale for the low price of $39.99.  If your local Toys R Us is anything like mine I suggest that you get there early and grab these up before they are gone.

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