Data East Arcade Classics (Nintendo Wii) Preview

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We’ve seen arcade compilations before, and from some of the biggest companies that there were in the industry. Namco, Capcom, Taito, Midway, and Konami have all delivered discs featuring dozens of games that we used to dump ridiculous amounts of tokens or quarters into after school or at the mall on weekends. Thanks to Majesco Entertainment, we’ll soon get to see a compilation of games from Data East– a publisher that you might not immediately recognize by name, but that has delivered more than a few memorable arcade games in its history.

Bad Dudes

Are you a bad enough dude? Yes.

The Wii-exclusive disc, appropriately called Data East Arcade Classics, will contain 15 arcade games ranging from familiar titles like BurgerTime and Heavy Barrel to lesser-known games such as Secret Agent and Street Hoop. As with any of these arcade compilations, these games are emulations of the original coin-op games that were played during the 1980s and 1990s. Don’t expect cutting-edge graphics or sound here, and don’t expect all of the games to have an ending; the appeal of these games was to rack up points and fight for the top spot on each game’s leaderboard. The emulations appear to be solid, and Majesco promises a variety of control options on the Wii as there will be support for the Classic Controller and Gamecube controller to go along with Wiimote and Nunchuk functionality.

Side Pocket

Give Side Pocket the break it deserves.

Majesco and Data East Arcade Classics developers G1M2 understand that arcade compilations work better with today’s gaming community if there are extras added to the package, and they have done that by setting 75 different goals spread across the 15 games included on the disc. As each of these goals is attained, a bonus is unlocked. The bonuses range from soundtracks to artwork to arcade marquees, just to name a few. These bonuses will serve to extend the life of the compilation by giving players something to shoot for in all 15 games. It’s a common, yet effective, strategy that tends to generate interest in even the most obscure game in a compilation.


Go on. Play with your food.

In addition to the bonuses, Data East Arcade Classics will give players an advantage that arcade players never had: the chance to pause a game and resume playing later. Unlike being in an arcade, where setting record high scores required a heavy commitment of time to pull off, players can now put their high score campaigns on hold if real life gets in the way. The high scores can be attached to Mii characters as well, so there’s a more personal representation of your scoring accomplishments than simple letters on a leaderboard.

Here is the official list of games on the Data East Arcade Classics disc:

  • BurgerTime
  • Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory (the sequel to BurgerTime)
  • Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (also known as just Bad Dudes)
  • Burnin’ Rubber (also known as Bump ‘N Jump)
  • Caveman Ninja (also known as Joe & Mac)
  • Crude Buster (also known Two Crude Dudes)
  • Express Raider
  • Heavy Barrel
  • Lock ‘n Chase
  • Magical Drop III
  • Secret Agent
  • Side Pocket
  • Street Hoop (also known as Street Slam)
  • Super Real Darwin
  • Wizard Fire

Perhaps the best news of all regarding this compilation is that it’s set to retail for a mere $20. That’s about $1.33 per game, or, in old-school arcade terms, 6 credits. While some fans may complain that a particular favorite game is missing, there’s a great variety of genres represented on this compilation and a couple of the games are extremely rare. Whether you are a solo player or if you have friends of family that want to play alongside you, Data East Arcade Classics is shaping up to be an experience that’s as close to hanging out at the local arcade as you could really want, aside from having to keep pumping quarters into the machines for credits. Look for a full review of this game soon after its February 10th release date.

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  • Skunk

    I can’t wait!

  • Can’t believe there’s no Mutant Fighter in it. Too bad.