Hold it! Miles Edgeworth Demo Goes Live

Ace Attorney Investigations cover art

Take that! The demo is available now!

With the release of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth now about two weeks away, Capcom is giving Nintendo DS owners a chance to check out a demo of the game a bit early and help build momentum for the prosecutor’s first game. The demo is available now, either via the DS Download Service on the Nintendo Wii, or it can be downloaded at DS Download Centers located at selected retail locations.

Ace Attorney Investigations is a departure from the kind of game that fans of the Phoenix Wright titles have become accustomed to. Not only has the player’s role shifted from the defense to the prosecution, but players can now control Miles Edgeworth on the screen as a playable character, thus giving more play control than has been seen thus far as Edgeworth now travels to crime scenes and collects evidence. While this level of interaction is new, the familiar theme of finding contradictions and presenting collected evidence will remain as a key to solving the series of cases that Edgeworth and company will be involved in. The “law battle” process now contains four separate steps: Testimony, Pursuit, Press, and Confrontation.

Edgeworth Confrontation

Miles Edgeworth: The definition of focus.

The final game promises over 15 hours of investigative gameplay and will be available on February 16th, but the demo is available now, without objections.

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