No Canon For Silent Hill

Although many have tried, fans of the Silent Hill universe are well aware that nailing down the series’ canon is no easy task. It seems further discussion of this topic will, from now on, be rendered pointless.

Tomm Hulett, producer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, explains that the newest installment–something of a re-imagining of the PlayStation original–doesn’t upset the Silent Hill canon because, frankly, there isn’t one.

“Each game is based on a character and it’s ambiguous what actually happened,” he continued. “Each game has multiple endings and some fans have theories on which ending’s which but we never know which ending actually happened. People who’ve played this game can tell it’s probably just as canon as any of the other ones.”

What does this mean for the series? Absolutely nothing. Whether there’s canon or not, the games are still fantastically scary, and that’s what matters.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is out now on Wii, PlayStation 2, and PSP.

Information comes via G4tv

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  • Good write-up. Really looking forward to playing this on my PSP as I’m a long time silent hill fan and the first one is my 2nd favorite in the series next to SH2. Gonna pick this one up asap!

  • Thanks for the praise. I’m a 2, 3, 1 kinda guy (although 3 and 1 are really close in my book).

    I also like 4 quite a bit. As part of the series, it falls in after 1, but looking at it alone I feel like it’s really creepy and interesting. It’s just that the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be a Silent Hill game originally really stands out.

  • Strider

    Have loved the Silent Hill franchise..up to a point. That statement he makes there says to me, “Yeah, we are gonna continue to spin it our own way and make a game that does not relate to the originals, the fans of the story and noir that made the series great, and we will continue to just rip ideas from the movie.”

    And continue to kill this series. 5 was garbage.

    Even if there wasn’t one, try to put one together, it’s pretty obvious which endings were resolute and which ones just ended THE WORLD absolutely.