A New Pokemon Game In Development

Rejoice Pokemon fans as a new DS title in the franchise has been announced and is being developed. No specific details have been released yet regarding the name and how many new Pokemon this new game might contain for you to collect. Some information suggests that this will be a traditional game much like Heart Gold and Soul Silver not similar to the Ranger or Dungeon series.

The release date for this mysterious game has been slated a very vague 2010 and 2011 for Europe. The game is still in development and it will be interesting to see what news leaks out before the initial release. We can only hope that this game stays true to its roots as next-gen games strive to be both new and innovative. I am also keen to see if FEAK continues with the 3D element which Pokemon Platinum offered. This gave a new dynamic to the gaming experience and it looked pretty cool!

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  • Pokemons are so cute, i kind of love all of them.`-“