AvP Demo Drops This Thursday

So according to AvP Galaxy news blog the AvP Demo will be released this Thursday February 4th.
“The demo will be released this week, Thursday Feb 4th”
Further on in the post they also mention that the demo will include multiplayer aswell.
“We can also reveal that the demo will feature the multiplayer part of the game”
The demo will release on the Xbox Live Marketplace PSN and Steam all on the same day. The game will be released on the 16th of February in North America and the 19th of February in Europe, so I’d say its perfect timing for the demo to drop so we can get our sci-fi shooting on and have some fun. So what are you most looking forward to from this game answer by leaving a comment below.

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  • Looks cool.

  • Jason

    After zombies in WAW I’m really excited/curious to see the survivor mode. But the game in general looks great!

  • I hope it plays as well as it looks. The series deserves a good game because it’s had a BUNCH of really really bad ones.

  • @Patrick Yeah the rest of the series prior to this game has been shockingly bad, i’m hoping that this game will be good

  • Kieran

    Looks sweet never played any of these games but love all films to do with this, my fave is predator tho, I was hoping for demo and here it fuckin is! Woo! Happy trophy killin every1!!!!!

  • im just looking forword to ripping of some heads and i hope its better then how it looks in the trailers and dose any one no if australia is getting an uncut virson

  • Kieran

    Dunno if they r but I agree wid u Lol

  • @Link25 Yes Australia will get the Uncut version of AvP

  • See another demo at