Gears of War 3: Couple of Developments.

As the days drag on, we hear more and more about the much anticipated release of Gears Of War 3. The Sequel to Game of the Year winner, Gears Of War 2 and the third installment into the  formerly Xbox exclusive franchise.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the people behind this trilogy for blessing us with hours of over exaggerated, gruesome fun. The time and effort spent and put into this game is apparent in the aesthetics of the game but in the overall feel. Right, now on we go.

As an XBL gamer, I can personally understand the frustration many of us feel with the limited Co-op campaign options that Gears Of War offers. Even as a regular Xbox 360 player, the 2 player limit makes playing with multiple people quite, annoying for lack of a better term. Every hates the sharing system. You know the one where you pass the controller if you die. Especially if your are not particularly skilled in the game and keep having to pass up the controller. So our friends over at Epic Games have taken this into consideration apparently. Rumors, yet to be officially confirmed, states that Gears 3 may feature a 5 co-op player Campaign. I imagine the 5 is for XBL but 4 may be able to play with out Xbox Live. This means no  more passing the controller. Anyway, keep an ear out to see if these are confirmed facts.

Next, we all heard about the Marcus and Dom appearance in the Lost Planet 2 trailer. While searching for the truth, i stumbled upon an official announcement on the Gears Of War 2 site.

Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago have waged war from the peaks of Mount Kadar to the depths of the Hollow—now they’re bringing the fight to E.D.N. III. In a collaboration between developers Epic Games and Capcom, Marcus and Dom are set to wreak some havoc in Capcom’s upcoming shooter Lost Planet 2, hitting the Xbox 360 this May. Download the stellar announce video from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace to see for yourself!

So its official guys we shall be seeing our favorite little steroid ridden maniacs in Lost Planet 2, so pick that one up too if Gears just isn’t enough for you. Finally rumors about a projected release date is out.

Gears of War 3 may be released as soon as late 2010 according to surfacing rumors in EGM.

While there has been no real announcement as of yet on the development of Gears of War 3, EGM is reporting that Gears of War 3 may be released as soon as Q4 2010. It’s rumor at best, but the publication claims that production of the sequel was already well underway before Gears 2 was wrapped up.-

So there you have it, keep an eye out for this game because it will be hitting stores soon.

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  • console_gamer

    Wait!! Is Gears no longer an xbox exclusive?

  • STG

    *points to Gears of war PC

  • Lee

    Gears of War PC? Haha really. Well I guess it went back to the exclusive category for 2 because 3 ain’t going anywhere that is for sure. That EGM rumor is quite old iirc as well.

  • Yippee, a 3rd installment of F’d up multiplayer glitches and lag…I can hardly wait.

    • lol

    • truthfully, i hate Gears online, but the story mode rocks and there are rumors that gears 1 and 2 are coming out for the ps3 im not sure how true but i did see some announcements saying something to that effect