PS3 Code Found Buried Within Mass Effect 2

Some rumors just refuse to go away.  For those PS3 owners who have been dying to play Mass Effect 2 but never have been able to, there may be some hope for you yet.

Rumors of Mass Effect coming to the PlayStation 3 have been given a fresh dose of fuel thanks to some new source code dug out of the PC version of Mass Effect 2. According to Polish site Kikoo, the code suggests that a PS3 version of the game exists somewhere, perhaps locked away in a golden vault in the polar region.

Electronic Arts has offered a staunch “no comment” on the situation, neither confirming nor denying the code and what it might mean. For what it’s worth, here is the code itself:


If you’ll remember back to when Bioshock was originally released as an Xbox 360 exclusive, someone did this same kind of research and found lines of PS3 code as well.  As everyone knows how that story played out, maybe the same will happen and PS3 only owners will be able to play a sure candidate for 2010 Game of the Year.  This is all just rumor and speculation at this point but very interesting to say the least.

So PS3 owners, does this excite you or could you care less?  As a multi-console owner myself it doesn’t affect me one way or another but i think it would be great for more people to experience a game of this magnitude.

Information comes from Destructoid

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  • console_gamer

    w0000t Mass Effect is the only reason I still have my 360

  • I wouldn’t mind getting a PS3 version of this game. I hear nothing but good things about it.

  • James Martin

    Dang, I just bought a 360…xD

    Luckily not for this game though!

  • While I would hope that Mass Effect would remain an exclusive trilogy for the 360, I wouldn’t have a problem with BioWare developing a PS exclusive based within the Mass Effect universe either. For one, it would give me another point to convince my fiancee to let me buy a PS3. 😉

  • PS3 = Blu-ray = Single disc = Win! Plus an install to HDD where I have a 500GB HDD on my PS3 = Awesome!

  • Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on a single Blu ray disc comming to the PS3 October 21

  • Yeah having the game on a single disc would be a huge plus. If this were proven to be true, I would definitely wait to experience it on Blu-ray.

  • Article Reader

    For Sure I’ll be getting it if it releases on PS3 🙂

  • Saga Studios ( Xbox Live Gamer Tag )

    The first Mass Effect will never see the light of day on any other system, unless Mircosoft sells its rights off to EA, Bioware. Take it like this Nintendo had Rare, they made Perfect Dark, the first one, (N64) it will never see the light of day on any other system, because they own the rights too the first one, even though they sold Rare. The only way the first MS or PD will ever get ported to another system is if money changes hands. This will never happen, imange that Nintendo sold its rights to the first PD, guess what Mircosoft owns Rare it would be on there system. If Mircosoft sold their rights to the first MS, than it could be ported to another system, or be remade. Chances are though, they are zero, it will never happen. Mircosoft will never allow the first one too be ported to another system unless they are paid big time. Thats like saying, Squareenix is gonna go back to Squaresoft, and there gonna start selling Dragoon Age 7, even though Enix owns it. ( I know they merged, just imange they were too serperate copmpaines. ) Bottome line, your not gonna see the first Mass Effect on a PS3, or the next gen Wii. You might see Mass Effect 2 in 6 months, cause I think Mircosoft and EA had a deal worked out, that it came out for there system for the first 6 months, than they could port it. Heck Mircosft screwed themselves sold BioWare, great game making company, and they kept Rare, and they haven’t made a game that was anygood since the N64. Whats wrong with Mircosoft?

  • Saga Studios ( Xbox Live Gamer Tag )

    Oh and too add, Why would Mircosoft ever sell their rights too the first MS to benfit Sony? Chances are 20% it may get ported only if Sony, EA, make a huge bid too get the first one. If you don’t belive me read the facts on the net, there out there.

  • Saga Studios ( Xbox Live Gamer Tag )

    Oh just read, the deal is for the trilogy too be on 360 only, don’t know if that covers the 6 month thigh or not, seems too be that MS1,2,3 will be for 360 only. Does seem too be if they make another MS game after the third one, that it will be mulit system. As far as the trilogy, 360 only. Hey PS3 owners don’t feel bad you have MGS4, which I still haven’t played, and it won’t be ported too the 360 for a while if at all. You guys can take Halo, Halo seemed too die after 3. Halo 3’s story sucked, Halo 1, 2 still the best in that series. Tell you whant we’ll give you Halo, for Gran Turismo.

  • anonamas

    sorry sony fans but that just wont happen bioware only makes games 4 xbox and pc plus we have an exclusive contract that bio ware games can only be released on pc and xbox sorry its just a dead rumor like the rumor that metal gear solid 4 was coming to the 360

    • Makkeshift51

      Your a DAMN idiot! Bioware made Dragon age, and Im playing that very game RIGHT NOW on.. on my PS3!! Stupid noob!

  • lolsure

    You’re anidiot dude.

    Bioware made Dragon Age which is on the PS3.

  • racingfreak92

    Mass Effect is 2 discs on 360? Does it require an install like Forza 3? If so im glad i got the pc version, i have no room on my 360 for anything else

  • Flopsy

    Yeah, Saga Studios, the only problem with your premise there is that Perfect Dark IS being ported to another system. It should be out for XBLA within a matter of weeks.

  • Saga Studios

    Perfect Drark the first one one the 64 can not be ported to a Mircosoft system, Nintendo owns the rights to the first one, they can do with it as they will, which means port it to what ever system they want to with Rares concent. Mircosoft will never see the first PD on any of there systems.

  • Saga Studios

    Mircosot bought rare, big mistake, they haven’t made a great game since the 64 days, should have sould rare kept Bio ware. Perfect Dark on the 64 sweet, PD Zero,… A$$.