Ray Muzyka Talks Mass Effect Movie Future

Last week, the news editor over at NowGamer, Tom Hopkins, managed to grab some telephone time with BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka for a few questions. One of the topics that came up was a possibility of a future film that utilized Mass Effect’s deep universe:

Muzyka told us that BioWare was “very interested” in adapting the franchise for the big screen. “There’s a lot of interest from Hollywood – a number of directors and producers have approached us,” said the studio’s co-founder. “In fact we have some partnerships defined that we haven’t announced…”

Tom also gave a link to the entire interview for your enjoyment.

In my personal opinion, BioWare still produces ground-breaking titles because its founders are actively involved in the process, monitoring the development cycle of the titles to which they will be attaching their names. Drs. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are well-known in the industry for their vision and sense of understand of what the fans and players want to see in their titles, and they do their very best to make sure that it comes to fruition.

Here’s hoping that they can nab Cameron to direct the big-screen version. If so, then we might have an Oscar winner on our hands.

SOURCE: NowGamer

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