SEGA Brings Another Console To Us!

Zone SEGA box

When I first saw this news I thought “Oooh, this could be interesting” but when I delved further into it I found that this was just a cheap crummy no-good console, made by a third party and licensed by SEGA. Bummer.

I say that, but it will be coming with 20 SEGA Genesis games, 14 Arcade games and another 16 sports games that will be motion controlled. That makes a total of 50 games preloaded onto this beast.

Zone SEGA consoles plugged into a TV with Sonic

Also with it are 2 wireless, motion sensitive controllers and glorious 32-bit graphics- and you can buy it from the Summer for £39.95. Sound good? Hmm, I think I’ll pass on that.

Thanks Pocket Lint!

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