Tetris Is Falling Onto The PS3… Again (sorta) (Updated)

One of the greatest puzzle games ever, Tetris, has been made available for almost every system ever created (including mobile phones), is finally making its way officially to the PS3.

As some people may know, there’s a minis version available for the PSP and that version could be played on your PS3

(thanks to the 3.15 update Thanks to a tipster, and some research, I found out this was one of the PSP minis that is NOT compatible with the PS3).

But, never one to shy away from opportunity, EA Games is working on a version specifically made for the PS3.

Personally, as long as there’s a “classic mode” with the original music as an un-lockable achievement, I will be happy.

What other things would you like to see in this version? Platinum trophy? Access to your own music? Voice chat? Share your comments below!

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