AvP – Predator Hunt, Survivor Mode & Infestation Mode Trailers

Sega has released a new trailer for an Aliens vs. Predator game mode which is called Predator Hunt. Predator Hunt is the muched talked about multiplayer mode in which you are the Marines and you have to take down the Predator, and whichever Marine player kills the Predator they in turn become the Predator and this is repeated until either the game mode ends or the Predator kills all the marines but I’m not sure on that one we will have to wait and see. Enjoy the trailer below.
There is another trailer for Aliens vs. Predator showing off the Survivor Mode. In Survivor Mode you play as the Marines fighting against waves of Aliens until you can’t fight no more, it will also support 4 player co-op. The Survivor Mode looks similar to Gears of War 2 Horde Mode which is a hit with fans. Enjoy the trailer below.
And last but not least the final trailer for Aliens vs. Predator for a game mode called Infestation. In Infestation Mode you play as the Alien Hunter and your job is too kill the Marines, when you kill one of the Marine players they will join the Alien Hunter’s team and in turn help kill off the remaining Marines. Enjoy the trailer below.

Andrew’s Say: Both game modes Infestation and Survivor, look like great fun to play, and being able to play Survival Mode with your buddies is great feature, but my favorite mode Predator Hunt looks awesome, being able to be the Predator and having an advantage over the Marine players trying to kill you, gives you that feeling of superiority. The game looks great overall, but i hope it doesn’t turn out to be a flop (which it wont) like the most of the AvP games before this one. I will be downloading the demo on Thursday and will be posting my thoughts on what it’s like not long after, so stay tuned.


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