Bad Company 2 Superior On The 360?

Naughty Dog has definitely raised the bar for developers; Uncharted 2: Among Thieves set the standards and developers should be aiming to accomplish what Naughty Dog have. So far only one developer has claimed to be on a graphical par with them.

DICE producer, Gordon Van Dyke, states:

“I wouldn’t make that kind of claim, …Uncharted 2 is an amazing-looking game. But we’re reaching that level of quality. It’s going to be hard for any game to be able to make a claim that they look better. But we are getting to, I feel, that level, where it’s looking very impressive. When you see it – and I’ve heard other people say it as well, so it’s not just me – other people are saying it’s getting there. “

However, Dyke also believes that it would be no small feat to beat, or even match, the quality of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves graphics.

“The thing is though, we have much bigger environments. To even be close, to me is quite an honor as a developer. The one thing I did was, when I looked at their game I was like, damn them! What have they done to the rest of us? I was looking for something where I could say, okay, that we’re doing better. I looked at their vistas, and I think that our vistas, because it’s in game, this is actual in-game terrain you could theoretically take your soldier and walk up to, our vistas are better. Naughty Dog, if you hear this, I challenge you versus our vistas!”

Now, considering that DICE´s Battlefield: Bad Company looked and performed slightly better on the Xbox 360 console, will there be a noticeable difference between the two versions of Bad Company 2? It has been proven on numerous occasions that Sony´s PlayStation 3 is no joke; the exclusives speak for themselves, the graphical and performance quality of most PlayStation 3 exclusives to date have out-done anything the Xbox 360 has to offer. The question still remains, will DICE stick to what they know and perfect their craft on the Xbox 360 console, or will they try beat Naughty Dog at their own game on their own field?

I really hope that DICE put faith in both products. We are advancing through this generation at a steady rate and we shouldn’t be expecting anything less than equality in multi-platform games. Each console can hold their own, we know that. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 looks very promising – so promising that it may in fact steal Modern Warfare 2’s thunder and claim the prize of first-person shooter of the year award.

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  • fdsf

    well that was pointless. you could write the same for every multiplat game released. buying for my pc anyhow

    • KFree

      Microsoft and the xbox 360 are ruining the gaming community as we speak, paying developers to only have dlc for 360 and stupid things like that. Once game developers start making games for each system seperatly and STOP this dam making games for x360 and porting them to ps3 crap because its cheaper to make them for x360. I’m getting this for pc, but look at what Modern Warfail 2 has come to…a bunch of garbage and its all because of those whining xbox fanboys and microsoft who think just because they pay to play online that makes there system better lol. Microsoft has the x360 fanboys brain washed lol.

  • Eight Ball

    Bit of a misleading title tbh.

  • ListenBotAuthor

    BFBC2’s lead console for development is the PS3. This thing won’t look nearly as pretty on the 360 as it will the PS3.

    Also fix your color on the site. TOO FAWKING DARK.

    • Enkeixpress

      BF: Bad Company 2 looks better on the Xbox 360

  • isarai

    WTF are you comparing it too, the 360 demo vs the PS3 Beta? cause if so that’s just fucking retarded. Also judging from the beta, and recent screens/videos, while BF:BC2 does look beautiful, it doesn’t even look as good as the first uncharted IMO.

  • Crufix

    Your comments are unfounded. You simply cannot compare graphics and performance between PS3 and 360 at this time. The only thing being released on each console being the beta and demo respectively, simply isn’t enough for the comparison. The beta is well, a beta and the demo is and incomplete section of the game. It just isn’t appropriate to make such comments at this time.

  • sandro

    Mass Effect @ is better what both

  • cab

    The ps3 has proven it has more graphical power. The sad thing is alot of these developers do not realize or want to looks past there blinders of building games off pc platform which holds the ps3 back. However you see when its there own games sony smokes the 360. The 360 is holding up the gaming world back. If you look at any multiplatform game now the colors shading and etc look more crisp on the ps3 and you don’t need multiple discs for content. The gaming world needs to wake uo and see how much more advanced the ps3 is compaired to 360. I doubt that will happen because microsoft is huge monoply!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    Yeah I doubt your going to see any difference between the two versions. Most major devs are up to snuff now when it comes with mutliplatform games for the 360 and PS3.
    I know with the first Bad Company the 360 version was the lead platform. Most devs use the 360 as the lead platform. The Frostbite engine they use is much more up to date so you really shouldn’t see any difference between the two.

  • Enkeixpress

    There is no lead platform for Battlefield Bad Company 2..

    Both version are being developed simultaneously.

  • lol

    have you seen the trailers for bfbc2 it doesn’t look super impressive

  • So What

    Who cares this game sucks. Do you enjoy running simulators? Because your choices are spawn on teammates who are in gunfire, or walk 14 miles. Don’t let them fool you with talk of vehicles, they’re few and far between, they control like shit, and they get blown up all the time. But wait there’s more, once one dickhead gets behind your spawn he can spawn his whole team in there! Fun times! Oh did I mention slow as hell controls even with sensitivity on high, inconsistent and ridiculous damage resistance, weak useless guns, and an overall shitty feel.

    Here’s DICE/EA’s plan. Let’s not compete with modern warfare 2, let’s instead try to leach their customers by releasing it later on by hoping people get bored or frustrated with it.

    • Robfury

      I’ve been playing the demo for a few hours to day and have to say it’s very poor, very slow moving very weak weapons it’s hard to tell friend from foe, most of the time all you can see a a strange blob then your dead.
      the graphics are to me very poor indeed
      it’s nowhere near MW2’s league for down right fun,
      I’m very disappointed
      In fact It’s just like the first one In that way.

  • Jake

    It doesnt matter. MAG is the shooter of the year. I am having a blast with this game. I havent played anything on my PS3 or 360 since it came out…..

    This game is AMAZING!!!1

  • Multiplat games will never look better than Uncharted 2 and DICE can try with all they got they are just not capable of doin int with Bad Company 2 sorry DICE but u guys can only try to beat Modern Warfare 2

  • Kuba

    PS3 exclusives have ‘out-done’ the 360 graphically but gameplay sucks donkey cock. eg, the most anticipating exclusive, Heavy Rain.

    • Makidian

      You need to clarify that statement since it makes about zero sense. I have yet to play a PS3 exclusive that controls like shit, or even anything less than stellar. Both Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank have the best platforming controls you could ever even ask for. Killzone and Resistance have some of the tightest controls for shooters and God of War is one of the smoothest controlled action experiences that exists anywhere, Bayonetta can eat Kratos’ shit. You use Heavy Rain as your example because someone somewhere said the controls were stiff, lame.

      Change the title to the article it’s totally misleading and the article content actually does nothing to back up the title. It reads like second rate garbage.

    • David Macphail

      Wow, you must be retarded. PS3 games are superior in graphics AND gameplay. Every 360 game out there feels like a clunky, pathetic mess when compared to Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 offers fluid gameplay, 360 games offer robotic, pre – determined movements that take forever to execute.

      Also, what are you talking about Heavy Rain for? It’s not even out yet, how do you know how it plays when you haven’t played it? LOL……what a turd.

  • name

    just because the first looked slightly better than the ps3 version does not mean this will.
    i mean all MP games in 2007 looked better on the 360 by a large margin.
    so if anything that proves the opposite, it proves BFBC2 will be the same on both.

    anyway your forgetting another thing.
    its on PC and games on PC will always have better graphics than their console brothers.
    not to mention the PC version supports 3D.

  • FottyChris

    Man I played BFBC2 on the 360 last night, that game is nowhere near Uncharted 2 graphics. There is no AA, the game isn’t v-synched so there is screen tearing, there were 2d pixelated trees. That game will never be no where near the uncharted graphics, possibly on the PC, but never achievable on the consoles. The game is good, but DICE needs stfu on saying they will produce a game on par with uncharted 2 in graphics, no game out right now on the consoles can claim that atm.

  • Brian

    I doubt the 360 version will be better than the PS3 version. They might be the same though. It would be great to see third party developers stop trying to make the games equal though. Sometimes it seems the PS3 versions get held back to make the 360 versions look as good. Time to step it up and use the full power of the PS3. If they do that the PS3 versions should be the better versions of multiplatform games.

  • David Macphail

    If they want to challenge Uncharted 2’s graphics then they’ll have to do it on the PS3. 360 can’t do U2 graphics so the only thing that’s going to beat Uncharted 2 is another PS3 game.

  • MIKE

    actually bad company 1 was on of those games that looked and peformed identically.. go and look at gametrailers comparison.. some parts even looks better on PS3

  • xR4D3

    LoL you guys are hilarious! Why can’t people just play what they want to play without getting insulted? If I wanted flawless graphics I’d build a gaming PC. I’m getting this game because it’s fun as hell. To the guy up there saying they can get behind your spawn… Play the demo. You can’t do that.

  • So What

    @ xR4D3

    Have played the demo, attackers can spawn on their teammates who are in the defenders base. I don’t know what demo you’re playing but that = spawning behind enemy lines.

  • cjasko94

    Cmonnnnnnnnnn, it will be the same on both PS3 & 360..

    I have both PS3 and 360, but I’ll be getting it for 360 because I am paying for the Xbox Live and it kicks as.s

  • Hatmantc

    like other have stated before, the title is very misleading and has little to nothing to do with the content of the actual article.

    i was in the BFBC2 beta and the game look gorgous. if the 360 can look any better then what i saw, more power to it. i think this game(like burnout and a few other games) will end up looking pretty close to identical

  • R

    Aren’t we all past this fanboyism? The consoles have been out 4 years people, who gives a crap anymore? I downloaded the demo on XBL and I’ve been havin a blast. As for uncharted 2, I played through that recently, what’s the big deal? It doesn’t look that good and I’ve spent most of the game hangin by my fingertips-pretty dull. I’ve had much mire fun playing mass effect 2.