Saints Row 2 and Darksiders Sequels Coming Fiscal 2012

Darksiders and Saints Row have been so successful that you can expect to be seeing sequels for them in fiscal 2012, any time after March 2011. Yes, that’s one and a half years away, but by then surely we will be playing on hoverboards with our Xbox 3600’s and PS16’s. Brian Farrell from THQ has said in the investors conference call today that the company is planning to revisit these two successful franchises along with bring the popular Warhammer 40k Space Marine to consoles too.

I loved Darksiders, and I loved Saints Row 1 and 2. And I am excited knowing that sequels are going to eventually come out for these games, however far away they may be. Stay tuned to Platform Nation for more information about these games when they are actually announced.

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  • Damn, Saints Row is so far off, fortunately we’ll see some of it at E3 this year.