Stark Tower Defense Brings Dr. Doom To Iron Man’s Door

Marvel’s Super Hero Squad cartoon features super deformed, childish versions of the iconic Marvel characters. Tower defense games feature strategically placed armaments to defend a stronghold.

The official web site of the cartoon has uploaded a video game combining both worlds. Starting off with Cyclops, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Thor, and the invincible Iron Man. The game plays like most other tower defense games, with the player having to defend the comic home of The Avengers, Stark Tower.

Now, there’s tons of questions about how the game actually makes sense, with canonicity. How can there be multiple Thors? The last time someone cloned Thor, he kinda went crazy and killed Goliath. Are those multiple Iron Man suits as drones? If it was in current Marvel Universe continuity, the heroes would be better off letting the forces of evil storm Stark Tower, as it’s the current base of operations for Norman Osborn.

Sorry, comic nerd moment.

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