Aliens Vs. Predator MP Demo Hands On Impressions

The demo is multiplayer only so no singleplayer missions here. It only has one game mode but in the full game there are several game modes. The mode you get too play is Deathmatch where you are against everyone and vice versa. It took awhile to find a lobby but I guess that was just because when I was playing not many people had downloaded the demo. You don’t have the option to choose which character you want it’s just a random process whenever you find a lobby. Every character has different outfits or as they are called in the game Skins, all the Skins are locked and can only be unlocked in the full game. There is only one map in the demo called Refinery, which is like an underground bunker, full of hiding places and very dark. Below is my impressions on the characters.

Alien: When playing as the Alien its pretty much simple to use the controls, just find an enemy and use RB & LB to attack. You can also press X to grab onto an enemy and unlesh a devastating attack on your enemy. I only encountered one problem, which is when I had to transisition from crawling on the ground to climbing on the wall, the process is disorientating and the screen flips this process can if your not careful get you killed. I also had to press RT to actually climb or Tansistion onto the wall but hidden away in the control options you can toggle to have auto-transistion which eliminates the need for you to press RT which I strongly recommend doing. After awhile when I got used to using the controls for the Alien I was finding it more easy to navigate and kill people and heck I even won a game.

Marine: When I was playing as the Marine it felt natural enough because of playing other similar FPS like Modern Wafare 2. In your HUD you have a scanner in the bottom left corner of the screen. The scanner is very much like the Heartbeat Sensor in Modern Warfare 2 but more detailed. You can switch between weapons by pressing the D-Pad. However I found just one major flaw when using guns as the Marine in the AvP Multiplayer Demo is not being able to ADS (Aim Down the Sight), if I see someone a fair distance away I can’t zoom in with my gun but instead I have to go chase him and get close enough to kill him this is just annoying because I have an assault rifle but its limited to close to medium combat. Overall the Marine character was good and had great weapons at its disposal but it was just lacking the ability to Aim Down the Sight.

Predator: Playing as the Predator can as much fun as it is frustrating, the controls are pretty much the same as the Alien you use LB & RB to attack also there are numerous boxes on the ground which you interact with X and get a weapon. You can press B to switch between different vision modes including Thermal which is brilliant for a dark map. You can zoom in with the Predator with the Right Directional Stick for your weapons which is an advantage over the Marines because they can’t as I mentioned above. Also with the Predator you can press Y to use an invisibilty Cloak or to get some Health. You use the D-Pad to switch between weapons but unlike the Marine you don’t spawn with weapon you have to find them. Overall the Predator was my favorite character to play as because I had the ability to go invisible, use Thermal vision & use weapons, which some might say is overpowering.

Andrew’s Say: The Aliens Vs Predator MP Demo was great fun to play I recommend downloading it and giving it a try, but it isn’t a game I will be buying on the release day. The online play is not going to match the likes Halo 3 & Modern Warfare 2. I will probably rent it out and play it because I am a fan of the AvP films but wont be buying it because there are a lot of better games coming out that I want too buy instead of AvP.  This is my first hands on impression with a demo so only constructive criticism please. Leave a comment on what you think of the demo below and you if you haven’t played the demo yet you can add it to you Xbox Live download queue here.

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  • Jake Green (HuntingJake)

    The Demo won’t even find a match for me :/

    • Norzoloco

      Dont forget you can change your race by clicking on your character’s big picture. however if there are too many of one race in the lobby already you’ll have to choose one of the remaining 2. Or sometimes you wont have a choice! But who cares? all 3 races are equally kickass and fun to play

  • You hit it right on. Took a while to find a match for me as well. It was a fun experience, but it only lasted a short while. On my second match, I became frustrated due to the dark level and like you said, you can’t ADS.

    • @wargamer17 exactly the way I felt about it, I dunno why they didnt include ADS its in every FPS game

      • dariuslloyd

        Except, oh I dont know.. Halo. And a generation of games before Call of Duty.

        ADS is relatively new in terms of FPS. This is old school, fragfest gameplay. ADS is not a part of this style.

  • Christopher B Johnson

    ADS is not in every FPS game. It’s in MW2. Which to you is probably every FPS game. And if I remember correctly you can’t ADS with the assault rifle in that either. I’m pretty sure Rebellion wanted people in AVP to try to get up to close combat to fight. Or if not, there is a rifle with a scope you can go find. Also, who the hell is a fan of the AvP films? Those sucked.

    • Well i am a fan of the AvP films.

    • You can ADS with Assualt Rifles in MW2 and its not the FPS shooter i have played quite a few FPS and most of them include ADS

  • Becoming!

  • Matt

    Actually, while you are in the lobby (if you can find one, harharhar), you can switch species and it’s a simple process. You click A on the giant portrait of your species, and it will change in order from Marine to Alien to Predator

    I’m actually very happy with the lack of ADS, as it reminds me a lot of Halo. For those not in the know, Halo took a lot of inspiration from both the Alien and Predator franchises. Including the radar. So seeing a lack of ADS (which most reminds me of Halo, although tons of games don’t have it) is a nice little nod, be it intentional or not. Besides, short controlled bursts can hit targets at a distance. Just don’t spray, it reduces accuracy

    • The thing with halo is you have a small reticule and no spread over time like this and COD.

    • HaloMythbuster

      “””Actually, while you are in the lobby (if you can find one, harharhar), you can switch species and it’s a simple process. You click A on the giant portrait of your species, and it will change in order from Marine to Alien to Predator”””

      THANK YOU SO !@#$ING MUCH!!!!!!! It didn’t say how to switch species ANYWHERE in the Demo!

  • Hunter

    I think the lack of ADS is to create a feel and to keep you moving. For example left 4 dead. You cant aim in which makes it so you can run around and shoot at a nice speed. Think of if the marine could zoom in. then you would have a bunch of corner campers just sittin back looking down their sights.(happens in every match of cod6mw2) The one problem i do have with the assault rifle is the reticle. When you shoot the flash is to large and you cant tell where you are shooting. And the MM is getting better and faster.

  • Norzoloco

    This game demo is INSANE. I have been playing it non stop on the PC and even with just 1 mode and 1 map it is addictive. Don’t be fooled, alien is easily the most powerful race around, because you can sprint up on anyone and kill them before they have a chance to react (grab then melee or just 2 or 3 powerful hits – right click on PC). There is no time for the enemy to react if you deliver the tail strikes one after the other. I also have had luck with the marine. Grab the shotgun and wait for the aliens to get point blank and POW! secondary fire = double barrel shotgun blast!! just don’t step over the alien corpse, because the acid blood will burn you!! What a fantastic game!! real eerie/ dark feel. As alien dont forget to knock out the lights! darkness is essential for any alien ambush!! A+!! one of the funnest games Ive ever played and thats just the demo!!

  • @Norzoloco Yeah learned that after I wrote the article thanks for your comment 🙂

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