BioShock 2 Special Edition Surprise

BioShock 2 Special EditionThough I rarely (read: never) buy a special edition of a video game, I do thoroughly enjoy watching them getting unboxed. It’s like experiencing a very minor and exceptionally disappointing Christmas, which is saying something considering I once got Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace on VHS as a Christmas present.

Fortunately for my holiday spirit, 2K Games released this unboxing video of the special edition of BioShock 2. It may start off a bit slow (yet informative), but the end packs a very pleasant surprise. In fact, this makes me anticipate February 9th all the more.

Read more about what your $99 will get you at The Cult of Rapture blog.

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  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    My own special edition of Bioshock 2 will be with me very soon i hope. I am a sucker for the extras.

    • Same here, especially when the extras are as good as these are. I think the art book is the highlight of the package, though.

      • Chad

        I agree with you about this beautiful art book. I have actually read gamer comments about how B2SE has too much paper, but I love the fact that it has tanagble items. The LP got me to visit my local Goodwill today for a record player, but no luck. Any suggestions?

        • Funny you would ask that because I actually bought a pretty sweet ION turntable a couple weeks ago off of eBay for like $20 or so. It was long overdue since for some reason, I owned like 10 records but no record player. But yeah, eBay, man, eBay.

  • steven

    UBER EDITION!!!! Oh god if it really exsisted i would spend my life savings on that just to see my freinds get chased around by it and put my little sister in a dress and put her on his shoulders.