Heavy Rain Retail First Look

There is a noticeable improvement in the retail version of Heavy Rain; when I received the review code I payed a lot of attention to the graphics – I was genuinely curious to see whether the graphics were as good as they were made out to be, and I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed. Unfortunately, the review code was sent out with some graphical and technical glitches: to name a couple, frame-rate drops and screen tearing. So, I picked up the retail copy today to find out whether these issues had been resolved – here´s the verdict.

After just 30 minutes of playing the retail version I had already noticed an improvement in the graphics. The frame-rate seems consistent, no more screen-tearing, and the image looks a lot crisper over-all.

This will be my third play-through (played the review code through twice) and I am really enjoying it. If I stumble across any glitches or anything I´ll make sure to keep updated. In the mean time you can head on over to our forums and discuss this topic with our lovely writing stuff.

It seems as though I may have been a little bit too excited at first. There´s still a fair bit of screen-tearing and it is quite noticeable. It still doesn´t take away from the experience but it is a bit of a shame considering just how beautiful the graphics in Heavy Rain really are. Still no notice frame-rate dips or glitches. Stay tuned and I´ll drop more info as it comes.

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  • That’s good to hear. Was thinking of writing an article with my impressions for the demo alone when it is released.

  • I knew this, another crap made by Sony , screen tearing, bugs, jaggies , a visual failure mabe worse than WKC , buy a 360 if you want to enjoy REAL games.

    • Akira

      What? lol there are tons of games on 360 with graphical glitches and screen tearing. In fact i have played far more games on 360 with tearing then i have on PS3.

  • Bungie

    HAHAHAHA and PS3 fails again , while we get Mass Effect 2 masterpiece the PS3 gets only TRASH HAHA , WKC is trash and Heavy Pain is trash. This guy knows the truth Heavy Pain is a visual disaster hahahaha!

    • Akira

      Mass Effect 1 was an absolute state of a game the framerate was horrible and the screen was tearing constantly. Mass Effect 2 may be better but the 360 is no better by any means and you know it.

  • Do we even remember when graphics really didn’t matter? Gaming has always been about the story for me, so once I get a PS3, Heavy Rain will likely be one of the first titles (if not the first) that I pick up. I loved Indigo Prophecy, so it only follows that I’ll love Heavy Rain.

  • goddamnit

    this is bullshit another game with tearing i wont fuckin buy it

  • Erik

    I’ve been playing Heavy Rain for a few days now and although I’m so in Love with the game, I’ve gotten so many glitches it’s beginning to piss me off. Like right now I’m fighting back the urge to break something because my save files won’t load anything around Chapter 17. Other than that, I’ve had a whole bunch of sound issues such as bursts of static, sound going out, dialogue overlapping, and characters freezing in place. Thank Goodness the game is so damn good. Otherwise I’d be so much more furious than I am now.

    • Heavy rain

      im just sad i’ve put 14 hor into the game i have one last trial to find ethans son and WHAT THE FUCK i just want to load my game. i’m being punished for being a good PS# owner and turning it off at night to cool down, Now i;m not cooled down. THIS FUCKING SUCKS!

  • Erik

    And for those of you talking trash about the PS3 and getting a real system, just stop. You sound ridiculous. I’m not saying the PS3 is better, but after working in Best Buy for as long as I have, the amount of returns on 360’s over Playstations is monumental. I agree with Akira with the glitches on 360. I’ve experienced more on that system then I ever have my Playstation. And other than Heavy Rain, I haven’t come across any game finishing glitches like I have on the Xbox. I think the biggest example is Tomb Raider: Underworld. That game on the 360 had more bugs in it than Paris Hilton’s panty drawer. How many times has anyone here sent back their Playstation compared to their’s or a friends 360 ? That’s what I thought.