Jacques/Stella Mystery Files Club Review

Game Review: Jacques & Stella Mystery Club
Release: November 20, 2009
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: MaxMars.It
Available Platforms: Ipod Touch/Iphone
Players: 1
MSRP: $1.99
ESRB Rating: N/A
Website: Mystery Club

Jacques and Stella are part of an elite group of detectives on the case to solve mysteries. Unfortunately for them it is hard to make a name when so many others are trying. Traveling to Italy they hope to get onto a case that will sky rocket them to fame. Play through mini games find who the killer is the murder weapon and in what room the crime was committed. You could liken the game to clue but in a interactive game style.

Your goal is to collect clues, talk to suspects and figure out the murder weapon who did it and where at. With each clue you collect you link it to a person that leads you to more info on who was a part of the crime or not in any way involved. When playing mini games each win gets you closer to solving the case. If you are persistent enough you will soon have the answers you are looking for. Make sure to keep the PDA handy as it will be your best friend in the field. Travel from room to room making sure to leave no stone unturned or no person left unquestioned.

Every play through the cases you play change so it keeps you on your toes. Players have the options to play through the cases or just get better at the skill challenges. One great thing is the option to turn off some of the puzzles so you can play just one type. Even though it is just a game you do feel somewhat like you are solving your very own mystery. With all the little puzzles it is hard to get bored with the variety.

When playing the mini puzzles a few are almost annoying to the point you want to set the game down. Money bag where you have to count coins going in and out of a bag is near impossible. Coins fly in and out of the bag so fast it is hard to see how many go in and out. Detection another game where you have to memorize a face only gives you a brief amount of time to finish the puzzle. One minor flaw is I think that the PDA you carry should allow you to automatically rule out suspects if they are found to not match the killers profile.

Warming up to the game does take time because of the odd style of game play. Mini games offer some challenge sometimes making you want to put down the game for a week or two. Depending on the person the $1.99 could either be a well spent investment or it could be a bad decision. Overall the game is worthy of a solid 3.5 out of 5, it loses points for some minor annoyances and lack of intriguing music.

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