New Halo Maps And Goodies By Bungie. Or Not.

So I was on XBL last night and I was doing my usual scroll of the Main Dashboard when I saw that Halo 3 came out with new maps, as well as other goodies that really did not interest me at first.  Seeing as how I don’t have the map packs and I  don’t play Halo anymore, I thought heck, if their giving the old maps out free might, as well download ’em right? Wrong. Its been almost 2 years since the Legendary pack came out and approaching that mark for the Mythic pack as well. Yet Bungie refuses to lower the prices on these maps.

The Mythic pack features  DLC maps for players as does the Legendary. For those of you who played Halo 3, you know that not having these maps severely cripples what play-list you can participate in online. Yet the prices stay at the 800 MS for the Mythic and 600 for the Legendary. Hardly worth the 5-10 USD it actually cost.

Well anyway, Bungie ran out of Halo Campaign mode difficulties to name their map packs after, so this new pack is called the Mythic II Pack. It features a whopping THREE NEW MAPS (Omg so much maps) for the futuristic Sci-Fi Shooter.

The names are Heretic, LongShore, and Midship. Not much has been said about these packs so I am assuming that its not a “must get” pack. Personally, with the MW2 pack rumored to be coming out sometime in the Spring, I would much rather save up MS for that  pack. 800 MS can go a long way.

Along with this comes no new clothes to buy for your avatar in the Marketplace. Another  bonus is the extra advertisements about Halo:Waypoint, yes more of them. However, there does seem to be a new Halo:Reach trailer out…..or is it just Bungie recycling the VGA trailer again?

So yeah, that was  the largest amount of time I have ever spent doing nothing. Aside from the map pack, which apparently isn’t all that new either, Bungie is just wasting space on the spotlight section. No, Seriously, Thanks. Don’t take me wrong, my first year of XBL was spent playing Halo3 everyday, but I believe Bungie should put way more work into this game and its DLC because it is time to provide a refreshment to Halo seeing as how the upcoming releases of new games may challenge the loyalty Halo players have for the game. Seriously, its a great game and deserves more than this.

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  • Axl Rose

    The map pack wasn’t talked about much because they were talked about back when the pack originally came out. It was included in Halo ODST.

    Also Bungie has no control over the price of the map packs, they have discounted the Legendary Map Pack as much as they possibly could. It is Microsoft charging for the maps.

    The map pack was also called Mythic II because it was never suppose to come out. It was suppose to be part of the original Mythic Map Pack and was suppose to be available exclusively on the ODST disc.

    Also the ad has been up on the marketplace for awhile. The “new” Reach trailer isn’t recycled, it is just been there since it was originally put up.

    You are worthless and dumb as hell just like everyone else on this site. So go fuck yourself you dumb bitch.

    Halo and Bungie > You and Infinity Ward and their piece of shit Call of Duty series.

  • Axl Rose

    And Chinese Democracy > Everything else in the world. Shame on you guys for calling it a disappointment. It is better than this site will ever be.

    • Axl! I’ve missed you! How have you been?

      • Trent Fraser

        he just like insulted your whole operation, were you being sarcastic?

  • Axl Rose

    and Heretic IS Midship

  • Axl Rose

    Trixies son is the best thing about this site. I wish him well.

  • Axl Rose

    fine be that way. dont respond pussy

  • calm yourself Axl… Make conversation or say nothing, no need to attack anyone. You might note he revised his article a bit O_o

    @Trent – Do you think the price point has anything to do with M$ as they have a lot of say with that kind of thing, or since they are now independent just dropped the ball? I have not looked into this issue in awhile.

    • well since microsoft is the producer and probably has rights to that kind of thing i figure bungie did kind of drop the ball. however, i spose the can advocate for a price drop. i imagine that the profit made is minimal because even a former die hard fan like me left the game along with almost my whole friendlist most of which i met on Halo 3. Either if microsoft atleast dropped the some more people might be tempted to play a couple hours of Halo 3 now and then.

    • AxlRose

      FUCK YOU!

  • take out the either lol i made a mistake

  • “Yet Bungie refuses to lower the prices on these maps.”

    Bungie doesn’t refuse any such thing, since as an independent developer no longer owned by Microsoft and no longer owning the Halo franchise, they aren’t involved.

    ” Either if microsoft atleast dropped the some more people might be tempted to play a couple hours of Halo 3 now and then.”

    Since XBL is a flat fee and you’ve already bought the game, why does MS care whether people are playing Halo 3 or something else?

    • Trent Fraser

      that is true but they spend time and effort to develop and publish the game so that people wont play it or rather a substantial amount? Also, they may not be making money from the maps so why not lower it to imduce sales?

  • Jeremiah night

    Sadly for me this is one of those things where I am a die hard Bungie fan so not much of what they do could bother me.
    Not to mention Halo is no longer only their property as was mentioned in an above comment M$ owns much of the rights, and they are sure as hell going to make every cent they can…
    still, its mostly a mute point for me.

  • Buying the maps off XBL is an alternative if you didn’t buy ODST.

    • Trent Fraser

      yeah i know thats why i said that the maps werent all that new, but someone who didnt know would think that the maps were actually new.