Wii+ At GDC In March?

Wii+ at GDC? It's possible.

Video Gamer has received word from a major international publisher with the following information:

“Just heard a rumor that you may be interested in: Nintendo are going to announce a new platform at GDC. Some developers have already started work on it.”

Wii+ anyone? It would be hard to imagine Nintendo releasing a next generation console this early on- the Wii has only been out for 4 years now and the GameCube was 5 years old when it got replaced.

Maybe this new console will just feature updated graphics, Blu-ray and a larger internal HDD- but we’ll soon see at GDC in March!

Thanks for the rumour Video Gamer!

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  • Even if this is true, I think I’ll pass.

  • James Martin

    Same! I won’t be making the same mistake again like I did with the Wii- that is, get it on launch day.

  • Yeah I will be passing as well, hell it took me a year to find a Wii locally after they came out the first time.

  • axt113

    Unlikely, first off its GDC, an American developers conference, not E3, not TGS, why would Nintendo announce at GDC and not at E3 or TGS, like it has in the past? Secondly, Nintendo doesn’t have the keynote at GDC, I’m not even sure Iwata or Miyamoto will even be there at GDC, so its extremely unlikely Nitnendo will announce a console or Handheld under those circumstances, finally, Wii vitality and DSi XL have yet to launch in the USA, so why would Nintendo announce new systems before they launch, it would kill the sales of those.

    No its likely a developers platform, something that will probably run on DS or Wii, or both