Digital Cowboys: Episode 142

DC 142

Selling Just Cause 2.

This week we’re very proud to welcome back to the show; Comunity Manager for Eidos, now a label of Square Enix, to talk about Just Cause 2. I had the privilege of getting some hands-on time with the game last week in London and it’s looking pretty exciting.

With the game effectively wrapped and release less than two months away, Mike is here to discuss some of the changes that have occurred since the first one, the bits we can look forward to the most and most importantly the challenge of bringing awareness about it to potential audiences in a crowded Q1, 2010.

After that, we discuss our 24 hour charity gaming marathon, which is happening on Saturday the 20th through Sunday the 21st of February and how you, our community can help us.

We finish up with a spoiler-free discussion about Mass Effect 2 and how the gaming mechanics have changed since the stellar original.

You can find the official website with all you need to know about Just Cause 2 here: There’s also a competition on this episode to win a Just Cause 2 T-Shirt and a rare promotional ID card connected with the Alternate Reality Game on the official website.

And the page to go to, to donate to our Haiti fund is here:

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