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Heavy Rain

If you’ve been waiting eagerly for the public release of the Heavy Rain demo, then I’ve got good news for you.  According to PlayStation LifeStyle, you can download the demo early by following a few steps to acquire a download code.

Well first off, you’ll need a European PlayStation Network ID, since the following steps will net you a code to download the demo from the EU PlayStation Store. Then you’ll need to provide 4 vital pieces of evidence revealed through the Heavy Rain ‘Four Days’ challenge. You’ll need to be registered on the official Heavy Rain website, if you aren’t already click here.

If you’re registered just head on over to where you’ll enter the following pieces of evidence:

  • Short cigarette (117b)
  • Origami bird
  • Coffee shop C (it says “diner”; has a picture of the Sphinx)
  • 117h (tire tracks)

Enter these correctly and you’ll receive a code to download the demo from the EU PS Store.

I’ve never personally created a EU PSN account, however I think today might be the day.  I’ve been one of those eagerly awaiting the public release of the demo which is scheduled to drop on Feb 11th, so to get my hands on this game an extra week early is great news for sure.  Go download the demo now and let us know what you think!

Thanks to PlayStation LifeStyle for the tip!


The sites appear to be temporarily down due to heavy traffic, but should be back up and running shortly.

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  • I’ll wait a week to play the demo.

  • You don’t need an EU account. I have a Canadian account that I’ve been using since the beginning of the ARG and been following it the whole way through. I’m planning on writing the Demo Impression article for P*N when the demo is finished downloading.

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