Killzone 3 News Around The Corner

Remember late last month when the net was set ablaze with rumors of Killzone 3 news to surface as early as February of this year? Well, that might not be so crazy after all.

Helgast in hiding. How cute.

New is starting to surface in licensed Magazines hinting that Guerilla Games´s sequel to Killzone 2 just might be slated for release in 2010. To milk it even more, is being docked by none other than Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and the docking site expires on the 8th of October, 2010.– seems so convenient for the site to launch at the the beginning of the holiday season, doesn’t it? If this information rings true than you can count on hearing news on the subject very, very soon.

Killzone 3 might just be Sony´s contestant to take on Microsoft´s tyrant, Halo: Reach, in the no-holds-barred first-person shooter grudge match. God knows that Halo´s hype train has already reached (pun not intentional) great momentum. Killzone 3 might just have to enter this fight as the underdog and take us all by surprise. It takes balls to go up against the greatest selling first-person shooter of all time, and I think that Guerrilla Games might just have what it takes.

Lighting at it´s best!

Look at the first Killzone game – although it may not have been well received among the gaming press it was certainly recognized for the power-house graphic it sported. Killzone was one of the games that truly showcased the power of the PlayStation 2. Then, the next installment, Killzone 2 did it again – blew the mind of both critics and gamers. The graphics were revolutionary for the first-person shooter genre – the lighting engine made all the difference in the game. All this after only two and a half attempts (Killzone: Liberation being the half attempt) at making the game.

There´s no question about it – Killzone has definitely left it´s mark in the industry. It could be the rising star that could dethrone the current king of the genre and claim the crown for itself. If Guerilla Games stick to their guns and blow our minds like they did with Killzone 2 it might just be a reality, but for now Halo: Reach looks like it might just remain champion and quite possibly earn itself the title of “Game of the Year, 2010”.

Well, stick around because if Killzone just so happens to be planned for 2010 we will quick to report it. There´s a Sony Press Event happening late next week and it will be then and there that all will be revealed.

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  • No offense to the writer of the article, but laughing REALLY hard at the notion that Killzone 3 could even compete with Halo: Reach.

    Let’s take this article as an example:

    Killzone 2’s sales from Feb 09 to Sept 09 were pegged at 1.9 mill. Halo 3 ODST’s sales in the first 24 hours were 2 million alone! And I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that ODST was by far the weakest link in the whole Halo chain, while Killzone 2 was supposedly the “best” Killzone so far… Catch where I’m going with this?

    Halo: Reach is a new direction for the game, and a whole F***TON of people are extremely hyped for it. I don’t think it’ll hit MW2 levels of sales, but Killzone 3, if released to “combat” Reach, will not fare very well by any means.

    • A Gamer

      Dude sales arnt everything. Shut the fuck up. Look at metrouid prime. It didnt sell as much as half the ps2 games out there but is noted as one of the best of all time. Same with uncharted 2, got great sales. But not 20 million like halo. But yet was like the 7th highest rated game of all time. There will always be a better selling system meaning better selling games, good or not.

      • Angels3785

        Actually its the 3rd highest rated game of all time.

    • Jason

      No offense to the poster, but I laughed hard when he started compared sales, LOL.

    • Angels3785

      The writer is not aiming at sales, any 360 exclusive game can outsell a ps3 game easily due to a larger amount of 360’s in homes than ps3’s, But killzone 2 easily competes with almost any of the halo’s in terms of quality, thats what the writer is aiming for, sales dont make a game great, like mw2 has some of the greatest sales of all time, and its not the best game of all time, there are way better games out there like uncharted 2 and mass effect 2 that didn’t even sell half as well, and thats because they have a bigger fanbase. And look thet greatest selling game of all time is on the WII! and totally sucks (just dance) so what makes a game great is not the sales its the quality. but if there is not a big enough fanbase (like with killzone 2, due to it being on ps3 only). Imagine if killzone 2 was multi-platform or if halo was multiplatform, they would sell tremendously better. And think about it halo 3 odst failed in compairison to killzone 2, but it has a bigger fan base due to all the 360’s compared to the ps3’s out there, sales don’t make a game great, its the quality, and unfortunatly what console they happen to land on.

    • Angels3785

      Also uncharted 2 is the 3rd highest rated game of all time (check metacritic) compared to halo 3 being like the 25th. and halo 3 kicked it’s ass in sales due to more 360’s. You sound kinda like a fanboy, are you?

  • erm..

    killzone 3 WILL KICK IT.. reach will suck, and i dont care it it wins or flops …killzone 3 ill win the hearts of gamers…and this time…..theres a hell of a lot more ps3 owners ..with cash…hungry for games to buy…peace…

  • @didATZ – Yeah you’re right, KZ3 won’t put up Reach sales figures, but it will definitely compete on quality and review scores. Sales don’t measure a games quality. So yeah Reach will sell an insane amount, but KZ3 will top Reach on metacritic.

    • Angels3785

      I agree with you 110%

  • fdsf

    #1 games dont sell as well on the ps3, it doesnt have the massive american fps following the 360 has. what matters here is which is the best, if killzone 2 came out on the 360 it would of done as well as gears

  • James

    The first picture. “Helg(h)ast in hiding. How cute.” isn’t from Killzone, it’s from another game that I forget.

    2011 would probably make more sense to spread out games over the lifespan of the PS3. Just saying.

    • Angels3785

      Actually I think it is, its on sony’s homepage as killzone 3. Those graphics are insane

  • TX3

    At: DjdATZ;

    Sales don’t equal quality, so because something sold well it doesn’t mean it got there by merits. Everyone knows Halo 3: ODST was Halo 3 with three new maps.

  • to say that I’m excited for Killzone 3 just isn’t enough. I would take KZ2 any day of the week over anything Halo, minus the first. I care nothing for sales, I care only for gameplay and fun

  • tarbis

    Wii Sports has sold more than all your Halos from the original xbox to the current combined. Wanna try again?

    • Jason

      I love you.

    • Angels3785

      LOL i agree.

  • Jammy

    It wont out sell it,but i’m sure it will completely out power it.

    I still say this is the best looking online level on any console.

    The way the smoke moves with the wind,even the dust from walking is influenced,even after 12 months it still looks so amazing.

  • john

    @ dicATZ:

    just because a game sells doesn’t make it better!. by your logic wiisports is 100x better than any Halo game could ever hope to be!

    • Angels3785

      LOL I agree. sales aren’t everything

  • Who You Dont Know

    Halo for “Game of 2010”? Ha,you make me laugh! God of War will (no pun intended) beast on Halo as Game Of 2010

  • cjasko94

    Don’t forget about the next Call of Duty title people….lmao.

    KZ2 was just INTENSE ONLINE! Sadly the community never grew to what Socom or Halo has reached and kept up with.

  • GayloReacharound

    COD is the current king. Halo has always just been Unreal Tournament with a spin aimed at kids, actual 12 year-old kids. The unbalanced weapons, colourful unrealistic graphics, and the poor physics/gravity.

    Halo was also not even HD, which is very sad for a game that is being overhyped as being something relevant.

    Halo has nothing. 360 is dead in the water.

  • mantis

    as much as i love killzone 1 and 2 i think for real fps fans – bfbc2 will take the crown for best fps this year. The demo is a beast man!

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  • Tom

    Gotta love the Halo haters on here. =]


    well i’m a ps3 kidd so i would love to see killzone 3 come out this year…but than again i would tell guerilla to take their time with the game. no need to rush like that..ruhing only makes things worse and it wouldn’t b wise to put kz3 up against Reach…i hate the entire Halo series but im not gunna lie its one of the best franchises out there!. obviously when i saw Halo Reach it actually got me a lil bit into the game…so that must mean something from a guy that hates this series lol.

  • David Macphail

    OK, Halo is not the best selling FPS game of all time – Call Of Duty is, by quite some margin.

    Also, Halo: Reacharound GOTY 2010? ROFL, what a joke. You really think Reach will stand a chance against games like Heavy Rain, GOW 3, GT 5, Final Fantasy XIII, The Last Guaridna, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Pokemon HG/SS or Fallout: New Vegas? Oh dear……..Reach will fly completely under the radar this year compared to the real games. It probably won’t even get nominated at the VGA’s, let alone win. Halo has never been and will never be the quality of serious GOTY contenders.

    Anyway, onto Killzone 3, i can’t see it happening this year for one major reason – Resistance 3. Resistance 3 is launching this Q4 and is more than enough to take on Halo: Reacharound. Sony aren’t going to have their two biggest FPS games competing against each other in the same quarter. Killzone 3 will be an early – to – mid 2011 release while Resistance 3 will easily hold off the mediocre “Competition” Sony gets from the latest Halo flop.

  • A Gamer

    This year will be fucking epic for ps3. 2008 was great, 2009 was amazing, and i dont know a word to describe how 2010 is looking for ps3. We start off with MAG, getting heavy rain this month, than the epicly awesome god of war 3 next month, followed with gran turismo 5 and last guardian over the summer. All AAA games. But to top it off we all know resistance 3 is coming out this year, and im 99% sure warhawk 2 is. Than killzone 3,infamous 2 syphon filter, and twisted metal. HOLY SHIT. DOnt have enough money.

    But if im right that means 4 of the ps3s biggest franchises will have a game this year. KZ3, R3, GT5, and GOW3. No halo can counter that.

  • Bullets

    U know what? You should remove the first image, it is not any killzone game it is a PC game, i dont remember the name, but im pretty sure is not any killzone game. Misleading picture right there.

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