ModNation Racers PSP Announced

ModNation Racers, the second game to take on Sony’s ‘Play.Create.Share’ theme along with littlebigplanet was announced quite a while back now, and we recently saw LittleBigPlanet make a jump to the PSP, which led to some speculation about whether or not ModNation Racers would follow in it’s footsteps once again and also hit Sony’s handheld console. Well the answer is yes.

Today the European Product Manager for ModNation Racers announced that the game will in fact be making an appearance on the PSP “along side the PS3 later this year”. The PSP version will “allow you the same creative tools to make your mod, kart and tracks” and you will also be able to download and upload creations just like in the PS3 version as well as race online with up to 6 other players, meaning we hill hopefully be seeing a fairly rich experience rather than some watered down port you may expect from titles like this.

A trailer for the PSP version of the game was also included in the blog post here

I have thoroughly enjoyed the beta for ModNation Racers on the PS3, and thought the Play.Create.Share theme has worked well in the form of LittleBigPlanet on both the PS3 and PSP, so lets hope Sony and United Front Games, can create an experience just as satisfying when ModNationRacers is released later this year

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