My Current (February) Addictions

Welcome to my new monthly series of articles, My Current Addictions! No, we aren’t talking about drugs, or other illicit substances, we are talking about games. Lots and lots of games. So, without further ado, lets go ahead and take a look.

Titles and Emblems – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has now been out for well over two months, and despite all of the killer new 2010 titles that have been released, along with those on the horizon, I still find myself drawn back into the game. Surprisingly it isn’t because I want to have an incredible K/D Spread (although that never hurts). The real reason are the vast amounts of unlockables. Currently striving to max out SitRep and use UAV and Counter UAV’s a total of 100 times.

Ravaging the Galaxy… – Despite my love affair with Call of Duty, a little gem called Mass Effect 2 has stolen some of my attention. I have already completed the game once, and all the while I spent my time trying to make everybody’s life easier. Well not anymore. I have started a new campaign, and every choice I intend to make will be purely for my benefit, or for the benefit of humanity. Nobody else!

A Game You Haven’t Played – Qix++ has been out for the Xbox Live Arcade for awhile now, and you, yes YOU, haven’t played it yet. The simple gameplay, yet addicting scoring system have kept me coming back for more even with all of the million-dollar budget games occupying all of my cupboard space. Expect a full-length article on this game in the near future, because you really should check it out. Yes, you!

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  • I’ve gotten bored of MW2. I’m revisiting older games I haven’t finished and waiting for Heavy Rain. Less than 3 weeks away!