P*N January Game Of The Month

Its hard to believe but January 2010 has been and gone and we are well on our way into February.   In the past January would traditionally be a quiet month for big releases, partly due to the pre-Christmas rush but 2010 has been different because of all the delays from 2009.

Here at Platform Nation we wanted to stop for a minute and discuss which game deserves our Game of the Month award for January. We found that January catered for a veriety of gamers, from RPG lovers (Mass Effect 2), to hack & slash enthusiasts (Bayonetta, Darksiders), first person shooter fanatics (MAG), or action adventure fans (Dark Void, Army of 2: The 40th Day).  But, which one stood out as the best in our opinion?

In 3rd place was Bayonetta. The over the top action scenes in Bayonetta won a lot of praise for its slick gameplay and humor. P*N’s Peter Skerritt (GameGuyPeter) “Bayonetta. Sure, the story is weak and the main character comes off as a bit of a sex object… but underneath is a fun combat system with just the right difficulty curve to entice players of all skill levels to play through and enjoy the game. The SEGA fan service was great, too. ”

We had a tie for 2nd place, with the votes being split between Darksiders and MAG.

MAG is an MMO shooter for the PlayStation 3 which supports online battles of up the 256 players. Impressive as that is, it was also one of its main criticisms. All the play is online, there is no offline play with bots. So if the server is down, you couldn’t play it. Despite this, MAG was still voted in as our second favorite game for January.
Darksiders is a single player action adventure game that wasn’t as over the top as Bayonetta. You play “War”, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. In short, you discover that all of humanity has died a century early and Hell has taken over the Earth. Darksiders, however was not our favorite game of the month, despite some positive comments from the P*N staff.

P*N’s (Wolverick) “Darksiders for Game of the Month followed by Bayonetta. I absolutely love hack-n-slash games and to finally have a hack-n-slash game with some exploration as well, Darksiders has completely blown me away. I haven’t finished it yet but it is by far my most enjoyable experience this month.”
P*N’s Scott diMonda (WCC5723) “The bosses do prove to be difficult and they have fixed the screen tearing that did prove to get you motion sick and I am not prone to get motion sick. This game has been overlooked by many not much hype but worth at least a rent for the storyline and gameplay. it is not the tightest game out there but is fun to play.”

And now for our winner….Drum roll…..Mass Effect 2.

It’s hardly a surprise to most of our readers and the general gaming community that we’ve voted Mass Effect 2 for January game of the month, in fact as I write this article in the first week of February I can say right here, right now that I would not be surprised to see Mass Effect 2 at the top of some Game of the Year lists in December.
I won’t spend too long writing about the game as P*N’s review contains all the detail you need, other than to say that Mass Effect 2 took just about everything that was wrong with the first game and improved upon it. It currently has a Metacritic score of 96 making it the third highest rated Xbox 360 game to date.  You owe it to yourself to sample this game.  Here are a few select quotes from the P*N staff about Mass Effect 2.
Steven Artlip (Steve519) “ME2, no question. Might also be this years GotY as well”
Patrick Talbert (AzraelPC) “Mass Effect 2 for Game of the Month and Game of the Year.I would say Game of the Decade as well”

So there you have it, January is over and Mass Effect 2 walks away with the first P*N Game of the month for 2010.  Please leave your comments on whether you agree or disagree with our choices. Tune in again this time next month to see who wins February’s award.

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